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These are the current novels published under Novel Dragon Press.

The Archons' Apprentice

As the apprentice to the Archon, Mikol spends all his time split between learning the art of runic magic and martial training, eager to take his place in the annual sword tournament. Mikol watches helplessly as his brothers take up arms against a warlord that has united the Savage Kingdoms. Discovering a secret 3000 years forgotten, Mikol must choose between the immediate safety of his apprenticeship and a quest that will take him deep into the Savage Kingdoms that could change the world forever.

Published: November 2015
Archon's Apprentice Anchor
Her Majesty's Beastkeeper Cover
Her Majesty's Beastkeeper

Mileena, the Empress' Beastkeeper, has a special ability to empathize and communicate with animals. Frequently called by the Empress to amuse the aristocracy with a show of the animals, Mileena's abilities help keep animals and guests safe. For years the threat of the Technologists of the Commonwealth has grown and they have now struck at the heart of the Empire. After passing on information that could prevent further escalation with the Technologists of the Commonwealth, Mileena is sent on an expedition. What she uncovers deep within the uncharted jungle could threaten both the Commonwealth and Empire alike.

Published: August 2018
Her Majesty's Beastkeeper Anchor
Mage out of time Cover.jpg
Mage Out of Time

Siv knows the world is facing an inevitable destruction and volunteered for a theoretical expedition to prevent it. With his return miscalculated, he finds himself not when he thought and in the middle of a battle. The land and people have changed in his absence, so with his new ally, Kyna, they set out together on parallel missions. As the hourglass sifts down to destruction, Siv must wade through the treacherous intrigue of nations in the hope of finding answers. A ravenous world-ending specter looms over all, and if he cannot convince them, they—and he—will pay the ultimate price.

Published: June 2021
Mage Out of Time Anchor
Bullet for a King
Bullet for a King Cover JPG.jpg
Bullet for a King


By the executioner's blade, Marivo became Count. With revenge as his only motive, he invents a mighty new weapon. As multiple factions seek him out, he becomes involved in a world of magic few have seen. While deciding who to believe, his family is put in the crosshairs and he must make a choice. Does he doom an oppressed people to rescue his family or risk everything to defeat an encroaching darkness?

Published: August 2022
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